@ Commit message Author Date Author
4e60262 fix bug : cardView , new checklist in new card Browse code 2012-11-07
114d70b change relation form OneToMany to OneToOne between card and checklist Browse code 2012-11-06
696d875 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nforge/nforge4 Browse code 2012-11-06
70cd3e9 change project.url to project.siteurl Browse code 2012-11-06
fb371c6 cardView : assign member to card Browse code 2012-11-06
2a8b5f8 taskView : Labels Members prototype Browse code 2012-11-02
9110533 TaskBoard : card detail view CheckList Browse code 2012-10-30
650fd4c card view implement Browse code 2012-10-25
712156a add line data Browse code 2012-10-25 doortts
c36065d card view proto Browse code 2012-10-25
45d1be2 taskBoard Server model & test Browse code 2012-10-22
22901be markdown: Add File Uploader and improve somewhat. Browse code 2012-10-25
53164b5 taskBoard test datas and client models Browse code 2012-10-18
71c816c task Board Prototype * drag and drops proto * web socket proto * server model proto Browse code 2012-10-17
d1ea924 Task models & tests Browse code 2012-10-11
ed8764a project: Rename project.url to project.homepage. Browse code 2012-09-11
f4166b3 apply shiro Browse code 2012-09-06
d8958eb make the initial data for real Browse code 2012-08-31
32f82ae add anonymous user for non-login user and fix some error on issue Browse code 2012-08-30
cc89364 use snap-shot in board Browse code 2012-08-27
6bcb5ae make initial data more real for issue state Browse code 2012-08-23
7be1b2d Fix minor bugs Browse code 2012-08-20
d85348c Merge branch 'master' of https://dev.naver.com/git/nforge4java Browse code 2012-08-20
5f6ce09 RoleCheck Browse code 2012-08-20
8b2b7b8 modify issue view for committers page Browse code 2012-08-17