@ Commit message Author Date Author
8ff0364 Reset DB evolution script by play2 Browse code 2016-01-24 doortts
9684b12 yonafy: Apply modifications for fork project Browse code 2016-01-18 doortts
5e7f61e board: Add label feature to board Browse code 2016-01-14 doortts
0a785da conf: Add H2DB AUTO_SERVER=TRUE Browse code 2016-01-09 doortts
9567e99 conf: Increase default CACHE_SIZE Browse code 2016-01-09 doortts
539997a Merge branch 'feature/group-unified-view' into 'next' Browse code 2016-01-09 doortts
1a9ed73 Merge branch 'enhance/editing' into 'next' Browse code 2015-07-01
2009772 Merge branch 'next' into webhook Browse code 2015-06-24
5f64376 notification: Add noti mail send option Browse code 2015-04-18
93bd01b Modified stylesheet for webhook to be fit with convention. Browse code 2015-06-20
e7deef9 organization: add unified group board view page Browse code 2015-02-08
5a0bfe8 organization: add unified issue view page Browse code 2015-02-07
f7497dc issue-label: Copy issue labels from other project Browse code 2015-05-12
de2cc12 Get rid of ajax call in webhook.view. Browse code 2015-06-15
3aa070f Merge branch 'next' into webhook Browse code 2015-06-10
4627a09 Showed appropriate error message in webhook view's modal against valid input. Browse code 2015-06-10
7d133b3 Handled case for invalid request from webhook frontend. Browse code 2015-06-05
8e667db Set up request body and backend hook execution for webhook. Browse code 2015-05-24
ab24aeb Added UI for webhook form. Browse code 2015-05-23
f82bf7b Added MVC skeleton for webhook struct. Browse code 2015-05-22
970696a Sync 'next' with 'master' Browse code 2015-06-05
2ef0d8d Merge branch 'enhance/project-transfer' into 'next' Browse code 2015-06-05
6af92be Added UI route rule for webhook menu. Browse code 2015-05-22
4cfd6b2 Fix sql error while running downscript of 104.sql Browse code 2015-06-02
3c2877a Merge branch 'fix/duplicated-config' Browse code 2015-06-01