@ Commit message Author Date Author
42911db mariadb-compatible: Apply fix and changes for MariaDB 2016-01-31 doortts
45d6850 Fix wrong id field type, String to Long 2016-01-24 doortts
8ff0364 Reset DB evolution script by play2 2016-01-24 doortts
bf8eaa6 yonafy: Change build project name to yona 2016-01-24 doortts
237bbc7 REAMDE: Change update respository url 2016-01-22 doortts
f39ed19 test: Fix broken test caused by fork 2016-01-19 doortts
cacad95 README.md: Update README.md about project fork and guide 2016-01-18 doortts
facd4b6 watch: Change project watch options 2016-01-18 doortts
9684b12 yonafy: Apply modifications for fork project 2016-01-18 doortts
5e7f61e board: Add label feature to board 2016-01-14 doortts
2b025b8 h2db: Add local DB connection script for *nix 2016-01-09 doortts
0a785da conf: Add H2DB AUTO_SERVER=TRUE 2016-01-09 doortts
9567e99 conf: Increase default CACHE_SIZE 2016-01-09 doortts
539997a Merge branch 'feature/group-unified-view' into 'next' 2016-01-09 doortts
8fa74f2 Merge branch 'update-readme' into 'next' 2015-09-22
240178b README: Add more Yobi upgrade information about 0.7.3 to 0.8 2015-09-15
a715190 Sync 'next' with 'master' 2015-09-18
41bf4b4 Merge branch 'perf/issue' into 'next' 2015-08-19
fe5ebc4 perf: Avoid unnecessary permission check 2015-08-17
6ebf578 perf/user: Make hash() and equals() faster 2015-08-17
28bd3ca perf/issue: Improve performance using @Transactional 2015-08-18
ef8ba03 Merge branch 'fix/markdown-compile-error' 2015-07-11
0f0f592 Markdown: Fix compile errors on JDK 7 2015-07-07
77920cb Sync 'next' with 'master' 2015-07-09
dd567ea Merge branch 'fix/markdown-compile-error' 2015-07-07