@ Commit message Author Date Author
412beaa sidebar: Enhance sidebar scroll style Browse code 2019-01-10 doortts
cfbf53a sidebar: Modify css for IE browser Browse code 2019-01-09 doortts
8c4901f sidebar: Polish ux elements Browse code 2018-12-11 doortts
f5b7944 sidebar: Modify margin and add selected ux Browse code 2018-12-11 doortts
0873901 sidebar: Add complementary fixes Browse code 2018-12-11 doortts
3a2a29a sidebar: Add sidebar feature Browse code 2018-11-28 doortts
0c54435 usermenu: Show favorite personal account projects Browse code 2018-10-26 doortts
7a5bfd5 usermenu: Recategorize user project menu Browse code 2018-10-25 doortts
23840a6 favorite: Support favrorite menu shortcut key, F Browse code 2017-07-31 doortts
2d4c899 my-issues: Change owner name min width Browse code 2017-07-15 doortts
3042e93 my-issues: Support favorite projects listing Browse code 2017-07-15 doortts
769678f css: Increase compatibility of IE/Edge for Material Icons Browse code 2017-03-26 doortts
27229af usermenu: Update subtle css Browse code 2017-01-28 doortts
2ea8716 usermenu: Support favorite project/organization Browse code 2017-01-28 doortts
993ee1a usermenu: Shrink list height and bookmark star mark alignment Browse code 2017-01-25 doortts
3c754a9 usermenu: Refine usermenu less files Browse code 2017-01-25 doortts