@ Commit message Author Date Author
3270a8c change view filename, adjust project logo size Browse code 2013-05-09
71c0caa change overview history UI Browse code 2013-05-10
8859bcd fix merge failures Browse code 2013-05-09
8f688a4 apply HIVE CSS including trivial fix. Browse code 2013-05-08
e320a55 project: Improve Project Tagging. Browse code 2013-05-03
6860b87 show just committer's name without a user page link, when the committer's email doesn't exist in HIVE Browse code 2013-05-07
19c3268 change view filename (HIVE-211) Browse code 2013-05-09
8b6acc8 change view filename(HIVE-211), adjust project logo size(HIVE-213), remove unused files, fix filter markup on milestone list Browse code 2013-05-09
989213b apply HIVE CSS including trivial fix. delete milestone manage page that combined with milestone list page Browse code 2013-05-08
1f615d1 apply HIVE UI CSS, override default font-size of bootstrap Browse code 2013-05-03
39041f8 change some minor ui Browse code 2013-04-30 doortts
232e283 add created date on project list Browse code 2013-04-29
34cdfbf set anchor area on whole .stat-wrap Browse code 2013-04-25
e734081 fix CSS/JS for repository URL at project home (HIVE-173) Browse code 2013-04-25
3e6faaf fix fileUpload button style (for IE), label style. new milestone form has localized. Browse code 2013-04-24
3a6ae09 project delete form departed from project setting (HIVE-36) Browse code 2013-04-24
fe8cd15 show current state as selected on project list Browse code 2013-04-23
40da2f9 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nforge/hive Browse code 2013-04-22
275b181 Merge pull request #17 from npcode/fix/owner-cannot-leave Browse code 2013-04-22 doortts
747ac2c layer alert applied on issue.Write Browse code 2013-04-22
5b763a6 project: Owner must be a manager of own project. Browse code 2013-04-22
c562b10 update proejct's overview page Browse code 2013-04-18
6aab0d8 apply localization on page title Browse code 2013-04-18
cbf98ae apply localization code Browse code 2013-04-17
1ef156f fix prjmenu Browse code 2013-04-16