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@ Commit message Author Date Author
2bb95f7 authentication: Support Github/Gmail social login 2017-02-01 doortts
3733033 my-files: Change default file date format 2017-01-29 doortts
ae50f20 my-files: Resize preview image max size and file name 2017-01-29 doortts
bda6993 my-files: Add more reference link support 2017-01-28 doortts
27229af usermenu: Update subtle css 2017-01-28 doortts
2ea8716 usermenu: Support favorite project/organization 2017-01-28 doortts
691986c access-rule: Make user can see original content text 2017-01-27 doortts
b1d5882 Merge pull request #134 from sjstyle/fix-typo 2017-01-26 doortts
3f4e317 Fix typo 'porject' to 'project'. 2017-01-26
993ee1a usermenu: Shrink list height and bookmark star mark alignment 2017-01-25 doortts
e3f80f6 issue-label: Remove redundant border radius 2017-01-25 doortts
c4a3992 usermenu: Unify the style of both project and org list 2017-01-25 doortts
98caf01 usermenu: Make more robust usermenu click action 2017-01-25 doortts
688ccd9 code-browser: Fix subtle margin at breadcrumbs 2017-01-25 doortts
3c754a9 usermenu: Refine usermenu less files 2017-01-25 doortts
25ba5e1 admin: Fix admin warning affix head css disorder 2017-01-25 doortts
348e936 notification-list: Align 'updated' stream type icon width 2017-01-24 doortts
c3d285d css: Add more progress bar applied link 2017-01-24 doortts
ffb6bce usermenu: Change some subtle styles 2017-01-24 doortts
e20da7b home: Fix weird feature list layout at high resolution monitor 2017-01-23 doortts
86e311c notification-list: Resolves an read more button issue 2017-01-23 doortts
c847149 project-history: Remove autofocus attribute in input form 2017-01-23 doortts
2a482ec usermenu: Makes the usermenu disappear if the resolution is less than 720 px 2017-01-23 doortts
1395268 css: More margin for usermenu bottom 2017-01-23 doortts
ed5c24b notification-list: Change icon of updated event 2017-01-23 doortts