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@ Commit message Author Date Author
238481a js: Upgrade jQuery to v3.3.1 2018-04-07 doortts
6ecbca2 title: Fix posting title prefix bug 2018-03-23 doortts
d979ad0 Revert "issue: Fix voters bug" 2018-03-23 Mijeong Park
9994165 css: Change the font of subtask list number 2018-03-23 doortts
c00d74d title: Disable title input box autocompletion 2018-03-23 doortts
c25850c title-prefix: Support auto-completion title header 2018-03-21 doortts
33fe6a8 Merge pull request #394 from sjstyle/add-autolink-file-schema 2018-05-30 doortts
33e4d72 Add gfm autolink on file protocol. 2018-05-27
6f7f75f Merge branch 'next' before release v1.9.1 2018-03-22 Mijeong Park
67d6c17 Merge branch 'fix/for-v1.9.1' into next 2018-03-22 Mijeong Park
5475364 Modify version 2018-03-22 Mijeong Park
f432377 lib: Fix at.js bug related with IME 2018-03-21 doortts
93acc6a db: Change to lowercase of table name in custom query 2018-03-20 doortts
224662c noti: Fix Http Context related runtime exception 2018-03-19 doortts
445f7d3 issue: Fix voters bug 2018-03-17 Mijeong Park
5852fbd Merge branch 'fix/for-v1.9.1' into next 2018-03-15 doortts
6c40572 issue: Add descriptions to issue share button 2018-03-13 doortts
db2e13a ui: Make list sorting filter ui more distinguishable 2018-03-13 doortts
dbd1083 noti: Fix missing commit push notificiation bug 2018-03-13 doortts
d46526d project: Reduce impact of duplicatd project member 2018-03-13 doortts
a81aa8c auth: Fix error when to be accessed by anonymous 2018-03-13 doortts
0413398 Merge branch 'enhance/subtask' into next 2018-03-12 doortts
152f351 issue: Gain access of all subtasks when parent issue is shared 2018-03-09 doortts
bc21fb2 subtask: Refactor before starting next work 2018-03-09 doortts
a7339c8 Merge branch 'feature/issue-share-team' into next 2018-03-12 doortts