@ Commit message Author Date Author
fe5ebc4 perf: Avoid unnecessary permission check Browse code 2015-08-17
857020a svn: Fix incorrect url to file at specific revision Browse code 2015-03-18
05a5a78 svn: remove sTplRawURL which is not used Browse code 2015-03-18
20e4076 Merge branch 'fix/incorrectly-selected-branch' into 'next' Browse code 2015-03-12
24d7a14 code: Rename getBranchNames() to getRefNames() Browse code 2015-03-09
bace307 Fix possible NPE Browse code 2015-02-15
8be4339 Introduce Mailbox Service Browse code 2014-10-28
1dabdc0 @Author -> @author Browse code 2015-01-19
11db694 Improves the auto-link feature Browse code 2014-12-01
afd70e0 attachments: Optimize getting list of attachments Browse code 2014-11-20
d3be5ca GitRepository: Rename methods Browse code 2014-09-02
e6db325 mention: refactoring mention feature Browse code 2014-06-09 doortts
bfa5dc5 Removes a file of which we do not have licenses and makes new code. Browse code 2014-05-20
b753ad4 Remove mergely.js Browse code 2014-05-14
e7345e8 Mention: Changes mention.js to at.js Browse code 2014-04-24
8866340 fix the issue 1133. Browse code 2014-04-21
a8a14af Date: fixed to use agoOrDateString Browse code 2014-04-16
6204742 Fix incorrect data attribute name Browse code 2014-04-11
4dfd403 Merge remote-tracking branch 'yobi/master' into feature/review-15 Browse code 2014-04-01
5f82947 Give all permissions to authors for some resources Browse code 2014-03-19
240df7c unify various branch item renderers into TemplateHelper.Branches Browse code 2014-01-17
51ce2db comment: add title attribute on delete buttons Browse code 2014-02-06
442da50 comment: display delete confirm layer Browse code 2014-02-05
819c5e6 Fix Broken layout when browser resize Browse code 2014-02-07
667b7c8 move import library path Browse code 2014-01-28