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@ Commit message Author Date Author
15a6f8b make filter css and displaying condition to identically. board list CSS has enhanced. 2013-05-06
34d47e1 issue-label delete link shows only in editable 2013-05-03
2787d55 fix .fake-file-wrap position 2013-05-03
1f615d1 apply HIVE UI CSS, override default font-size of bootstrap 2013-05-03
a72d3e6 fix path of bootstrap.css 2013-05-03
e5e1aab Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nforge/hive 2013-05-03
2e96636 HIVE UI CSS (HIVE-188) 2013-05-03
3054ae3 posting: fix - comments are removed after updating 2013-05-03
5939629 Merge pull request #43 from npcode/upgrade-bootstrap-v2.3.1 2013-05-03 doortts
9d39653 bootstrap: Upgrade from v2.2.2 to v2.3.1. 2013-05-03
74438ab Remove *.min.js and *.min.css. 2013-05-03
024174b remove sorting 2013-05-02
b3b33eb fix: add missing localizations 2013-05-02 doortts
18614d3 change rememberMe input name 2013-04-30
977c725 Merge pull request #42 from wansoon/HIVE-192 2013-04-30 doortts
6d5027c Merge pull request #41 from keesun/HIVE-190 2013-04-30 doortts
7af3740 fix: 1. state sorting error on milestone edit page 2. completion rate sorting error on milestone list page 2013-04-29
39041f8 change some minor ui 2013-04-30 doortts
ab0111a add google analytics code for nhnnext 2013-04-30 doortts
e1c87ce HIVE-190 adding posts and issues view page for site admin 2013-04-30
e5761d1 project: Fix typeahead for tags. 2013-04-30
adc2561 Merge pull request #40 from npcode/fix/save-issue-as-excel 2013-04-30
32f5a2d issue: bugfix for downloading issues as excel. 2013-04-30
fd4f1c7 massmail: Add missed hive.site.MassMail.js 2013-04-30
6dd5612 Merge pull request #39 from wansoon/HIVE-159 2013-04-30