@ Commit message Author Date Author
0873901 sidebar: Add complementary fixes Browse code 2018-12-11 doortts
d1eda8d role: Add guest user feature Browse code 2017-07-21 doortts
21eb565 feature: Show group list of site Browse code 2017-07-11 doortts
4015ec2 usermenu: Load usermenu asynchronously Browse code 2017-03-07 doortts
a43bdbb security: Apply 'application.hide.project.listing' option to org Browse code 2017-02-21 doortts
c56945b security: Support options 'application.hide.project.listing' Browse code 2017-02-21 doortts
de4efb7 progress-bar: Change some progressbar applying Browse code 2017-02-01 doortts
3f4e317 Fix typo 'porject' to 'project'. Browse code 2017-01-26
65e608f logo: Change logo css style name Browse code 2016-12-02 doortts
8082e79 etc: Support minimal OG tag Browse code 2016-11-15 doortts
18480cc group: Change group default logo Browse code 2016-01-27 doortts
9684b12 yonafy: Apply modifications for fork project Browse code 2016-01-18 doortts
802ec6e Globalheader: Change separator style on global header Browse code 2015-04-28
51de4da GlobalHeader: Change global header design Browse code 2015-04-23
1dabdc0 @Author -> @author Browse code 2015-01-19
3b1e724 Search: select not empty type Browse code 2014-08-19
189fdd7 Search: Polish Browse code 2014-07-29
5b2dbca Search: front side Browse code 2014-07-16
6c45efd ProjectHeader: Change background color to Translucent and position property to absolute Browse code 2014-05-22
b7ec5f6 add the copyright to source files, java and scala.html Browse code 2014-03-26
0e166e4 Remove duplication code and files for site layout Browse code 2014-03-14