Changsung Kim 2015-02-06
`Create New Project` button on group's view is not displayed when current user is not group admins or a site admin.
* Issue
    - `Create new project` button on group's view is shown always altough current user is not a group admin.

* Solution
    - The button will not be displayed when current user is group admins and a site admin.

Private-issue: 2110
--- app/views/organization/view.scala.html
+++ app/views/organization/view.scala.html
@@ -62,9 +62,11 @@
                             <button type="button" class="search-btn"><i class="yobicon-search"></i></button>
+                    @if(OrganizationUser.isAdmin(org, UserApp.currentUser) || UserApp.currentUser().isSiteManager) {
                     <div class="span3">
                         <a href="@routes.ProjectApp.newProjectForm()?" class="ybtn ybtn-primary">@Messages("button.newProject")</a>
+                    }
                 <ul class="all-projects">
                     @for(project <- org.getVisibleProjects(UserApp.currentUser())) {
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