[Notice] Announcing the End of Demo Server [Read me]
doortts doortts 2017-09-25
message: Change some english message
--- conf/messages
+++ conf/messages
@@ -254,7 +254,7 @@
 issue.assignToMe = Assign to me
 issue.assignee = Assignee
 issue.author = Author
-issue.can.not.be.deleted = Failed to delete because of other users'' comments
+issue.can.not.be.deleted = Can''t delete because of other users'' comments
 issue.comment.delete.confirm = Once you delete this comment, you won''t be able to recover this again. Do you still want to delete it?
 issue.comment.delete.window = Delete issue comment
 issue.comment.error.have.not.voted = Failed to disagree with the comment because you have not voted this.
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