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Yi EungJun 2014-05-21
relnotes/0.5.4: Add backward compatibility notes
--- docs/relnotes/0.5.4.txt
+++ docs/relnotes/0.5.4.txt
@@ -1,5 +1,22 @@
-Yobi v0.5.4 Release Note
+Yobi v0.5.4 Release Notes
+Backward compatibility notes
+It may break that push to some git repositories which have a merge-repository
+because of missing object, with an following error:
+    To http://yobi/you/repo1
+    ! [remote rejected] master -> master (object 97c4c34b825debd0fe76bf5d850d0891d4a93bba missing)
+    error: failed to push some refs to 'http://yobi/you/repo1'
+Fortunately, the repositories can be recovered by copying git objects from the
+object directory of the merge-repository. For an example in Linux:
+    cd yobi
+    cp repos/git-merging/you/repo1.git/.git/objects/* \
+        repos/git/you/repo1.git/objects -R
 Updates since v0.5.3
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