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"Input line is too long" error in BAT File#

On the Windows OS, create a folder under \ so that it does not fall too far into the command line length limit.
We recommend creating the folder directly under the drive.

Windows OS Yona recommanded folder
C:\yona\yona-1.3.0 <- Unzip under the yona folder by version
C:\yona-data <- Conf files, logs, uploads, repo where folders are created and maintained. Specify with the YONA_DATA environment variable

Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes#

If you see following errors at console,

[error] play - Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes [ERROR:1071, SQLSTATE:42000] 

See MariaDB 767 byte error

Option adjustment when upgrading Yona version#

If you are upgrading, migrate the database schema as follows:
You may experience a situation that does not work with a warning message that you need it.

[warn] play - Your production database [default] needs evolutions!

In such a case, the migration should be done as follows
ApplyEvolutions.default Sets the Java property to true.

SET JAVA_OPTS=-DapplyEvolutions.default=true

RuntimeException: Provider 'google' missing needed setting 'clientId'#

An error that occurs when the related settings can not be read from the application.conf file.

Please add the following settings to the bottom of application.conf.

include "social-login.conf"